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Jallianwala Bagh massacre – 100 years and still hurting

A total of 1650 bullets were fired and official records peg the injured and death counts to approximately 1600 people. And then you have an absolutely remorseless General Dyer speaking the way he did as below in November 1919. 100 years on and we are still wondering when that elusive apology will come from the United Kingdom. This ghastly incident has left scars on the Indian psyche which exists even to this day. 100 years of Jallianwala Bagh massacre gone by is not helped by the fact that Winston Churchill & David Cameron have both been reluctant to apologise for the same over the years.

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Are their any T-shirt’s For Girls which can be bought in India?

No matter how many fancy dresses and blouses we own, there is something about T-shirt’s For Girls that always make us go back to them every now and then. After all, no piece of clothing can serve you style with comfort better than a soft cotton tee that suites you well and makes you look casual, elegant and chic- all at the same time. You know what’s better than a T-shirt’s For Girls? A T-shirt’s For Girls with slogans! Nobody like a plain solid tee and slogans just add a lot more character to your overall look. Whatever T-shirt slogan is, it says a lot about you as a person. So here are 10 super –awesome and super-sassy slogan T-shirts that you must definitely add to your wardrobe:

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Jewel Changi Airport Just Installed the Biggest Indoor Waterfall of the World

Jewel Changi Airport of Singapore is always revered for being one of the most amazing airports of the world. To reinforce this stature further, the airport recently inaugurated its ‘Jewel centre’. Spread across a whopping 1.4 million sq ft, Jewel centre took four years to build and now that it’s totally complete, it connects the three terminals at the airport. Made out of steel and glass, Jewel Changi Airport is in a giant doughnut shape and has lush gardens at four storeys, over 250 food and retail outlets, a cinema as well as a hotel. However, what steals the show here is its indoor waterfall which is the tallest in the whole wide world. Placed amidst the lush forest, the indoor waterfall cascades through the glass and steel dome and is of around 130 feet. Undoubtedly, the ‘rain vortex’, that is, the gigantic waterfall, is soon going to be one of the most Instagram-worthy locations in the world.

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This School in Assam Takes Plastic Waste as the Fees!

Located in the breathtaking Pamohi area of Guwahati, Akshar is a very unique school which takes just plastic waste when it comes to its fees! Yes, you read that right. This eco-friendly school lets the little kids connect with the Mother Nature in a thoughtful and amazing way. Parmita Sarma, the co-founder of the school stated “We wanted to start a free school for all, but stumbled upon this idea after we realized a larger social and ecological problem brewing in this area. I still remember how our classrooms would be filled with toxic fumes every time someone in the nearby areas would burn plastics. Here it was a norm to burn waste plastic to keep warm. We wanted to change that and so started to encourage our students to bring their plastic waste as school fees”. The school is a brainchild of Parmita and Mazin Mukhtar and they together founded the school in the month of June 2016.

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Best Bluetooth Speakers That You Can Buy Under Rs. 5000

If you are a music lover, then you are definitely at the correct place. Nowadays, music had become a passion, a basic need of every human. If you too are a sucker for music and are looking for speakers that wouldn’t burn a hole in your pocket then here are 10 best bluetooth speakers under 5000 rupees that you can get in India:

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Domain And Server | Best Web Hosting

Domain and Server provide the state of the art servers with 99.99% uptime. Choose from Starter, Value, Business hosting plans curated to suit all stages of a website.

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